The JUMARP Cooperative

Formed in 2003 by 35 small lot farmers, the JUMARP cooperative now boasts 236 partners.

The cooperative works with farmers to ensure they are able to maximise production and earn a fair wage, improving coffee standards in the community. To this end, JUMARP has invested in a wet mill, storage, and cupping lab infrastructure to take on as much of the processing as possible in-house. The co-op also supplies members with fertilisers and training through farm visits, significantly increasing quality standards.

By taking on these processes in-house, the members are able to increase their earnings, as they are able to sell a product that has had more value added than the coffee cherries alone. As well as this, the coop has funded a custom-built coffee cupping lab, which gives employment to 2 full time professional coffee cuppers. This investment has driven the need for more skilled workers, giving the local comunity the opportunity to expand the scope of their career prospects into different areas within the coffee industry. You can read more about the amazing work the cooperative is doing here.

Coffee Story is proud to be working with JUMARP’s co-founder, Carloman Carranza, to bring to you our Peruvian El Morerio Microlot. This naturally processed sun-dried coffee has a remarkably sweet taste, making it perfect for an after-meal filter or cafetiere brew.

10% of the profits from your purchase will go back to the JUMARP Cooperative to further invest in their infrastructure and ensure they are able to continue improving the lives of their members for years to come.