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Ethical, Responsible and Delicious coffee is what Coffee Story is all about, so why not have a look at what's on offer and give your day the boost it deserves.

A more ethical Coffee Story

For us at Coffee Story, good coffee simply isn’t enough

We strive to deliver greatness to every cup, bringing you ethically sourced, responsibly packaged and delicious tasting coffees that transform lives. 10% of our retail profits go back to farmers, supporting industry-led schemes to improve the lives of coffee producers and their families.

We make ethical coffee easy. So all you have to do is order, sit back and sip… 

Coffee Story's founder, Josh, inspecting a coffee crop

Sustainable coffee:

From source to your cup, we do all we can to ensure you enjoy a more ethical brew. We believe in championing the farmers who are making a difference, and want to share this with you. But providing better working conditions and emphasising environmental sustainability isn’t just the right thing to do. It is now essential for the future of the industry.

All over the coffee-producing world, farmers are under increasing pressure due to climate change. Soil erosion, abnormal weather and declines in the number of natural pollinators are posing a risk to many coffee plants. Many mainstream players have been slow to respond, and most growers rely on quick-fixes. Unfortunately, this has seen unsustainable chemical fertiliser use, continued land degradation and the poor treatment of workers. Whereas this approach may achieve coffee exports in the short term, it fails to address the underlying long-term problems.

By working with responsible farmers that have social and environmental commitments – and sharing their stories with you – we hope to increase awareness of this and encourage consumers to make the more ethical choice.

When coffee does good, we believe it tastes even better. That’s why we will continue to strive to achieve a truly responsible brew.

ETHICALLess impact on the planet. More impact on the farmer
RESPONSIBLESo you can be proud of your Coffee Story
DELICIOUSDon't just take our word for it. Order now!