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That’s Coffee Story

What we can offer your business


We work with some of the industry’s largest and most trusted suppliers, offering outright purchase, lease, rental and free loan to make sure your equipment needs are sorted – from bean all the way to cup.

Personal Service

Our clients benefit from freshly roasted coffee, delivered weekly in person. We take this time every week to check everything is running smoothly, meaning your customers will never be drinking sub-par coffee.


Great quality beans are only a piece of the puzzle: We work with you, delivering on-site training to your staff to ensure your customers are getting the most out of your chosen beans.

Bespoke Roasts

Coffee is deeply personal, and we understand this. That’s why we can offer you a bespoke roasting service to find the perfect coffee for your customers. This bespoke roast can also be offered on a white-label basis to maximise your brand awareness.

Why Coffee Story?


We give 10% of our profits back to farmers at origin, supporting local projects that improve the lives of coffee producers and their communities.


We deliver locally in reusable tubs which are collected at the next delivery, and for those further afield, all our packaging is 100% recyclable.


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