Ugandan Kalingwe (227g)

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Fruity and full bodied, with notes of mandarin orange, lychee and chocolate. These beans are medium-light roast to maintain the delicate fruity flavours and light acidity that is characteristic of an East African coffee.


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Nestled in the foothills of Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains,  our Ugandan Kalingwe is grown by smallholder farmers that rely on coffee as a vital cash crop. The lack of infrastructure here has typically hindered quality in a region full of incredible potential, however through working with the farmers on the ground, our export partners at Agri Evolve have completely transformed the coffee production process in the area.

As the region is inaccessible by car, Agri Evolve have arranged for a team of donkeys to transport the coffee down the steep slopes to the Kissinga processing station, saving the farmers this task. Major upgrades to the station itself have also been instrumental in increasing efficiency, and Agri Evolve work with local farmers to educate about best practise to improve crop yields and protect the natural environment.

These changes have seen cup quality increase enormously, and these beans boast a delicious array of floral notes, alongside flavours of chocolate, lychee and mandarin orange.

10% of the profits from our Ugandan Kalingwe will go straight back to origin, supporting essential rennovation works at the Holy Trinity Primary School; a community-run project that provides over 60 children with access to education.

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