Espresso Blend (227g)

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Our Espresso Blend is a full-bodied, strong and chocolatey.

This coffee is best enjoyed as an espresso or in a French press, and will suit the more traditional coffee palate.

Dark roast, with strong taste.


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Coffee CheriesBringing together tastes from Colombia and Brazil, our Espresso Blend pays homage to the rich Italian coffee culture, emphasising full body and heavier mouth-feel.

At origin, smallholder farmers in Colombia’s Cundinamarca region pick, wash and dry the beans themselves, before transporting them to the nearby Trilladora Bachue mill for processing. By taking advantage of Colombia’s unique climate, farmers here are able to harvest up to three times a year, meaning they can rely on coffee as their main source of income.

In Brazil – which is famed for its vast estate farms and is the largest coffee producer in the world – smaller producers can often get left behind. The Ascarive cooperative, where these beans are from, provides a lifeline to the 45 producers that are members. Due to the mountainous terrain, 95% of the coffee is hand-picked and nearly all the labour comes from the local farming families themselves. The cooperative is dedicated to delivering sustainable coffee, and is Fairtrade registered, meaning the farmers earn a premium on their produce.

Best enjoyed as a strong and smooth espresso or a delicious full-bodied cafetiere brew, our Espresso Blend is full of chocolatey and nutty notes.

And as with all our retail coffee packs, 10% of the profits from this bag will go back to farmers.

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