Peruvian El Morerio (227g)

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This delicious microlot is the ideal coffee for after meals.

Grown by Carloman Carranza, a third generation coffee farmer in Peru, these beans are bursting full of flavour with notes of dark chocolate, molasses, prune and Christmas cake.

Medium-dark roast, bucket loads of caffeine.


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A delicious Peruvian coffee with a sweet fruity twist, our Peruvian El Morerio is the ideal after-dinner brew.

For three generations, Carloman Carranza’s family have grown coffee on their family farm, El Morerio.

Back in 2003 Carloman was one of several local farmers to form the Jumarp Cooperative, with the aim of improving coffee quality in the community. Jumarp runs life changing initiatives such as the ‘Coffee Woman Project’, which currently supports 30 women aged 25 – 45 to develop leadership and teamwork skills, empowering them to roast and sell their own Peruvian coffee to the local market.

Additionally, the co-op is part of the Café Selva Norte project. This initiative restores over-farmed land and educates against the use of ‘slash ‘n’ burn’ farming techniques, helping to preserve the delicate ecology of the area. As a part of this project, farmers receive credit to plant trees on their land to offset the impact of transporting their crop to the port.

Carloman plans on using his 10% of the profits from this bag to buy more modern equipment, and to maintain his farm.

These beans were grown as a specialty micro-lot, and this bag is bursting full of sweet and fruity flavour, with notes of dark chocolate, molasses, prune and Christmas cake.

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