House Espresso Blend (227g)

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Our House Espresso Blend is a creamy, cherry, chocolate taste explosion.

This diverse coffee can be enjoyed as an espresso, filter or press, making this your one-stop-shop for caffeination.

Medium roast, plenty of caffeine


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Combining the exquisite creaminess of Colombia’s Agua Linda with the cherry and chocolate notes of Brazil’s Rio Brilhante, Our House Espresso Blend is the perfect smooth coffee for any time of day.

In Colombia, it was the high altitude, strong coffee heritage and volcanic soils of Santa Barbara that first drew Pedro Echavarria to the area. He was hoping to find a plot of land with the ideal conditions for growing high quality coffee, and his farm, Agua Linda, proved to be exactly that. Along with his son, Pedro Jr, Pedro has overseen the vast expansion of Agua Linda. The pair are proud to provide their employees with free on-site accommodation and childcare.

In Brazil, Inacio Urban’s colossal 2300 hectare farm, Rio Brilhante, has become a cornerstone of the local community. Inacio has a passion for education, and the farm provides staff and their families access to professional qualifications. Employees who complete the programme are encouraged to take on further roles within the business and to develop their careers. Rio Brilhante also funds a local school, providing 85 disabled children access to education, as well as supporting open-air libraries for the community. Through these projects, Inacio is transforming his community, and Rio Brilhante has developed a reputation for exceptionally high-quality coffee as well as unwavering dedication to its workers and their families.

And as with all our retail packs, 10% of the profits from this bag of our House Espresso Blend will go back to farmers.

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