Guatemalan El Tambor (227g)


This Guatemalan microlot started out on the steep slopes of Finca El Tambor, just outside of Guatemala City. These beans boast rich and creamy dark chocolate notes, compounded by the bright acidity of black cherry and mango.

Enjoyed as a strong filter or espresso, this diverse coffee is not one to miss.

Dark Roast – plenty of caffeine.

  • Cafetiere
  • Espresso
  • Filter
  • Wholebean

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For over 100 years, Victor Calderon’s family have grown Guatemalan coffee.

His farm, El Tambor, is a hotspot of innovation and Victor refuses to take conventional coffee-farming wisdom at face value.

Through a mixture of careful planning and being in tune with the natural environment, Victor has found new ways to improve the quality of his crop. Our Guatemalan El Tambor is the product of this careful management, and the rich and vibrant tastes demonstrate Victor’s success.

Almost half of the farm is under tree cover, and so it has been left as a preservation area. This ensures the local environment is maintained and respected and is just one of the many ways El Tambor protects its surroundings. As an innovator, Victor is always looking for new ways to make the most of El Tambor’s surroundings. He found that the high benzonite content in the nearby clay deposits could be used to tackle Coffee Leaf Rust – a common issue for crops in the area – and has been hugely successful in his trials. Through working with the natural environment, the El Tambor is able to thrive while other farms struggle.

Victor shows the same commitment to the environment as he does to the eight full time workers on his farm. Each of his workers are provided with permanent accommodation and a designated area to grow their own food.

This bag is a specialty microlot, meaning the beans inside are a select crop that is given extra care and attention during growth. These beans boast rich and creamy dark chocolate notes, compounded by the bright acidity of black cherry and mango. Our Guatemalan coffee has been dark-roasted for maximun body, and is best enjoyed in a French Press or as a single origin espresso.

And as with all our retail packs, 10% of the profits from this bag will go back to farmers.

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Cafetiere, Espresso, Filter, Wholebean