Decaffeinated Blend (227g)

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Our Decaffeinated Blend is made using the Swiss Water method, meaning no nasty chemicals were used when making your coffee caffeine-free.

Medium-Dark Roast – No caffeine.


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Decaf coffee without the chemicals.

Our decaff coffee brings together beans from two farms in South America, before they are decaffeinated using a special chemical-free process developed in Switzerland.


Fazenda Palmital, Brazil:

Fazenda Palmital is a thriving family-owned farm located just South of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Purchased in the 1920’s by the grandfather of the current owner, Carlos Augusto R. de Melo, Fazenda Palmital has grown enormously over the past 100 years.

The sprawling farm covers over 150 acres of land, and includes native vegetation and wildlife as well as streams, rivers and springs. The current owners are committed to protecting their environment, and have incorporated the natural landscape into the site.

As well as showing care for the environment, Carlos and his family ensure that all workers have full legal benefits. The 36 families living on the farm each enjoy their own home equipped with all the facilities one would expect. The farm provides employees and their families free transport to schools and medical care in nearby Cabo Verde.

Cundinamarca Viani, Colombia:

Just west of the Colombian Andes lies the federal region of Cundinamarca, home to the coffee-producing Viani municipality.

The farm owners in this area pick, wash and dry the beans themselves, before transporting them to the nearby Trilladora Bachue mill in Colombia’s capital, Bogota. It is there that the coffee beans are sorted, graded and ultimately exported to the international market.

Owing to the climate in Cundinamarca there are up to three harvests a year, meaning the farmers have more economic certainty than in other coffee producing regions.


After these beans were picked and processed, they were shipped to Swiss Water’s facility for decaffeination.

In a carefully managed process, the beans are soaked in local water and a natural  caffeine-free green coffee extract for 10 hours, until 99.9% of the caffeine has gone.

From here, the newly decaffeinated beans were shipped to Coffee Story for roasting, so we could brighten up your day.

And as with all our retail coffee packs, 10% of the profits from this Decaf Coffee will go back to farmers.

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