Our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Inside Yirgacheffe Coffee Store
A coffee storage facility near Adado, Ethiopia

Grown in the small town of Adado in the famed coffee region of the same name, our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe has a mild and fruity taste, bringing a smooth, slow release of caffeiene.

Like most farmers in the region, the smallholder growers in Adado rely on coffee as a vital cash crop. Although this allows the farmers to maximise the small amounts of land they own, traditionally it has meant that standards are hard to uphold. As a result, quality can often inconsistent between harvests.

Legu Trading is breaking this cycle, and pays the farmers in Adado a premium for thier coffees. Moreover, Legu relies on local labour in its processing facilities and mills. The company employs over 300 farmers regularly and up to 600 local farmers in the peak season. This approach allows the farmers the independence of growing their own crop, as well as the security of 8 hours shift work at an established coffee merchant.

After the coffee crops are selectively hand picked by the farmers, they are delivered to nearby Legu facilities where the coffee cherries are pulped and fermented for 12-18 hours. After this, the combined crop is washed before being dried on raised parchment African drying beds.

From here, the beans are packed into 60kg grain pro sacks and shipped off to Coffee Story for roasting.

10% of the profits from your purchase of our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe will go to support the efforts of Food 4 Farmers, who work to eradicate food insecurity in coffee farming communities.