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Seder Night is upon us, and it is another year without the familiarity of large family gatherings.

But while it may be a struggle to find any point of differentiation between this Seder Night, and all those other long nights of lockdown, we at Coffee Story wanted to share with you a little thought about what makes our coffees different.

This year, we are offering a range of Kosher L’Pesach Turkish-ground coffees, however the goodness doesn’t stop there. All our coffees are small-batch roasted to order for maximum freshness, and we only source from farms with social and environmental commitments.

Our Kosher L’Pesach Coffees:

Inspired by the concept of Maaser Kesafim, we give 10% of all our retail profits back to origin, and so far this money has helped to support an array of initiatives, from refurbishing a school in Uganda which serves underprivileged children, to aiding efforts tackling malnutrition in farming communities in Guatemala and Brazil.

Our Premium Turkish Ground coffees are available to buy in Kosher Kingdom, Mendys, Kosher Cuisine, B Kosher Extra, Lulu’s Kitchen and Sabeny or you can place an order on our website.

Chag Pesach Sameach!

Josh – Director, Coffee Story

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